Gross Wind on Shore

Gross Wind [ Artist ] Cathy Hegman


Gross Wind on Shore


To your arms, you see me crawling.
Obediently, I submit to your domination
filled with high hopes of submission.
I am well only in your arms, darling.
In your eyes, I see myself scorching.
Undergoing your powerful storm
in the hollow of this body … warm
boiling … I become your object
completely torn … you are perfect.

Gross wind on shore
you find me in the sinking.
You finally crush me ashore.

Crawling down of perversion
my heart and my soul fusion
tremble under the slightest impulse.
Do you hear my crunches ?
Thank all your hunches
because now I do not have a pulse.
You are a giant inside of my flesh.
You fill my emptiness severely
and so my punishment enmesh.

Gross wind on shore
you find me in the sinking
you finally find me ashore

Face to blushing moon, invaded by you
I have never known anyone like you.
I idolize you, fallen I am all yours.
I revere punishments that are yours.
I got to meet your secret hopes.
There is no way to avoid the slopes
towards which, cleverly, you drive me.
I am the instrument of your sex urge
and assumes positions that you order me.

Violent wind on my face
you spit your virile potency
in my bowels lace.
my poetry.

My love came his way.


2016 © ManachePoetry

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