O devil !

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O devil !


Just now
I feel
On my side
the wet bite of your lips
leaving two bluish pink footprints
In flicker of my fragmented body.

With the skill of the goldsmith
you play cleverly with the mouth
and file, as the flavors of a flower,
sweet kisses
to small touches
on the interstices of my thighs.
O devil !
So you touched upon my heart
as would a painter on the sketch.

your look
comes later.
Your hair, exquisite ribbon beachcomber,
as a wave with orangey savors,
sow from up my neck to ankles …
Genuine feelings.
I love
and I die amid the gleams from the darkness.
Similar to a tender twig.

See in the dark
as I cut myself.
See be broken
my prominent bones
O devil !
So you touched upon my heart
as would the sea to the firmament.


2016 © ManachePoetry

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