Bright Horizon

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Bright Horizon [ Artist ] Nico Nordström


Bright Horizon


To no one tomorrow is promised.
Will shine the white ring of the night
on the blue valleys of the ocean.

Only our shadows will disappear
behind the veil of nothingness
where our secrets will illuminate.

Our ephemeral existence passes
like the water in the unruly river,
the warm wind on the flowers that fade.

Deliver us over with enthusiasm
we who know not where we come from.
With the candor of our springs
Let’s look toward the infinite space,
pit obscure and deep lifeless,
where all the carnal pleasures succumb.

Deliver us at eternal happiness
we who know not where we’re going.
Let’s walk toward the bright horizon
to water the lawn of our graves.

Enjoy this tiny second
we who know not where we will go.
No one can tell us in this world
where the soft dove flies.


2016 © ManachePoetry

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