Flesh of Moon

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Flesh of Moon

[ Artist ] Paul Sieffert
Nu sur lit de fourrure (Detail)


Flesh of Moon


The pallid brightness of thy flesh of moon tears up
the darkened overcoat of the eternal night.
There could be no have a moment more conducive
to tears for to disturb the dream and invade it.

Revolves unending the mobile vault of heaven.
Leads us to the confines of the carnal embrace
the dance macabre bringing to the precipice
of my body
to thy body,
of my eyes
in thy eyes.

Whatever sweetness or bitterness of a heart
Joys and sorrows tell us of human history
swallowed up in the sea
scattered over the ground.
speck of dust enamored of the breath of the air
do not distress you. What was is already far
and still the moon will pass over our destiny.

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