Implacable Sweetness

implacable-sweetness Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Carole Leslie

Frise fleur blanche 30

Implacable Sweetness

Here is the morning my implacable sweetness
My precious love
Of your heart comes pure beauty of the lovers
Silt of living waters
You nourish all my days and my nights embellished
Of your long curly hair, I’m insomuch breathless
In love
So many gilded waves reinforce the fervors.
How to tell you the secret of my heart vanquished

I have before me and the rose and the garden
Forbidden fruit
You offer the freshness desired of summer dreams
The sweet breath of your breath
Than to lose faith every day seems a real blessing
To munch toffee apple for laughter of children
This breath
Which push faster the carousel away of death
The sunshine floods the bed you smile and say “Mon Chéri”


2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry

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