[ Artist ] Auguste Garufi
Ab Urbe Condita (2004)



My body is old but the desire is still young.

My heart bleeds the past and the day affects the night.
Endless night!
The drunkenness and love separate themselves from
my spirit, drunk with fear of the upcoming sleep.
Endless sleep!
Which exceeds the land of martyrs of seduction?
To my misfortune, I feel in me coming drought
Endless drought!

My body is old but the desire is still young
Last night’s pallid moon kept awake by my clamors,
screams endless!
Gone mad throughout all the endless nights, my mind blurs
…blurs, endless!

My body is old but the desire is still young!


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7 réflexions sur “Endless

  1. Your blog is really beautiful! WOW!!
    Much elegance as your poetry… your poetry speaks to my heart.
    The feeling in the poem « Endless » I know this thing that comes into the head ever … ever … endless
    Thank you

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