There Was

There Was« A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles »
Wesley Ruggles


There Was


There was your long hair on the forehead of the sky.
The desire to love came into my heart so strong
as would have done the vast ocean reaching its shores.

There were your bright eyes in the depths of my nightmares.
Your light was luminous, the answer to nightlong
of my unreleased sleazy trials …stories of whores.

There was your soothing voice far above the birdsong.
Precious chant that gives eternity to mayfly
whose brief life captivates edges of thoroughfares.

There were damp strawberries on the edge of your lips.
But rotten roots and yellowed leaves for thieves, soulless
who harvested reds fruits of life on forsaken youth.

There was this young crazy watching you from afar.
Gazing, with love, the waves of your body, ageless
mirthless, as if to hide from the world your frail truth.

There was so much charm howling, and so little storm.
I placed a white jasmine ribbon around your grips
to embalm my love, blinded by the beauty’s star.

So there was a ray of sunshine
through the window.
Then I floated on the skyline
to oust the woe.


2016 © ManachePBulle  - Thank you reading

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