In the Nitin‘s garden … this is what I loved to read:



O, thee shining lighthouse
find me, find me.
For I’m drowning,
among the waves of broken dreams,
in the maelstrom of aching screams.

O, thee merciful lighthouse
save me, save me.
For I’m losing,
the sensation of how it once felt to live.
the feeling of how it once felt to breathe.

My boat is sinking,
in the tides of my own tears.
My life suffocating,
in the shadows of its own fears.

Its hopes have turned
darker than a moonless night.
Its moorings now linger
farther than the farthest sight.

O, thee stranger lighthouse
take me, take me
For I have no longing
to live among these known strangers,
to exist among these heartless whispers.


june 9, 2016 © Nitin


Montage - Nitin

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