One Day

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one-day Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Masao Yamamoto

Frise F Rose 30-1

One Day

Someday I’ll be the sea
blushing to the light
Maybe one day
or in the hour
I will be like the Earth
flowering from here and there
of islands in flowers
with no outline
of  clouds Paradise
to protect from the rain
and from black of the universe
Yes, I will be that one

Also I’ll be the wind
this day, there
As a cloud
I will always be alive

I will paint a hellish fire
at the dawn of life
Everything would be blue
Blue, real
A swallow in winter
I will light the rainbow
in the eyes
Poetry for the survival
from a word that we do not hear
from a cry in the echo of the noise
in the glare of the horizon
so essential

And without any reason
this day, there
will come to me
a bird from on high of sky


2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry

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Frise F Rose 30-1




18 réflexions sur “One Day

  1. If only people the world over would read this piece of poetry and truly learn to feel all these wonders of life which you describe so exquisitely, then surely we heading towards prosperity 

    Aimé par 1 personne

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