[ Artist ] Eric Pedersen
Clusterfucked (detail – 2010)




So, you saw me lying on the black satin sheet.
My legs, my gleaming body suggested in the night
as an urgent desire to share a breath… burning
that would subside so gentle on your skin… so sweet.
Your hands…
my hands…
your body…
my body…
my sweat!
And you saved me… Your fresh sweat admixed with my sweat
I felt in my flesh, in my soul, your valiant sting.

So, I died in your arms under your gentle heat.
Your lips, as the bee plunging in fields of delight,
changed my feelings, my skin shivers. I was in spring.
I penetrated Kingdom where flourished your treat.
Thy hands…
my hands…
my body…
thy body…
Our sweat!
And you saved me… Your honey admixed with my glee
we submerged of pleasure in a crumpled sheet … Sing!


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