Unspeakable Espoir

unspeakable-espoir Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Norbert Schwontkowski

Frise F Bleue 30

Unspeakable Espoir

In the night made by our approaching lips
chills fly off on ocean’s suffering
for opposing the eclipse of our life

In the crater in between our bodies
mingle our scorching answer of desires
to be the whir seed of a bright future

In the burning words on our crumpled palms
we count the years along our bones aging
to be consistent with the whispered dreams

We secretly keep
the soul’s glints at the bottom of our eyes
where still life and death embrace each other
We secretly cry

In the day made by our aching stress drips
fall asleep dreams on the cloud’s threatening
to be consistent with choice of our strife

In the blue light brought back from our journeys
sound the lovely memories of bonfires
for loving the beauties of daily blur

In the antique poetry of our psalms
we call for us all the graces of spring
to avoid getting wet in the blood’s streams

We secretly walk
away from thinking our expectations
shall not fall into the abyss of tears
We secretly hope

I’m the Earth disappearing silently
through the gloomy tunnel of deeper sleep
owing to my acceptance of silence

But when stars penetrate through my garden
I become still, this transparent mirror
where the lovers embrace inside of nought


2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry

Bulle  - Thank you reading

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Frise F Bleue 30


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Frise F Bleue 30


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20 réflexions sur “Unspeakable Espoir

  1. A great one. This Is Universal. its beautiful, the idea and exposition,both.Thank you for sharing
    Also thank you to Quietness of these Places, Submerged and One Day

    Aimé par 2 people

  2. We all secretly hope an unspeakable love…but you Just know how to give us a splendid image of this dream.!
    Thank you my friend.

    Une traduction française serait certainement source de plus nombreux commentaires.
    Bonne journée Manache.

    Aimé par 2 people

  3. Poem extremely well seen giving a image of reality in our pursuit of happiness, hope of a dream life!
    however, with a touch of hope, thank you because it makes you think

    Aimé par 2 people

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