~ Sara Teasdale

Frise feuille vigne 30 -1nancyandrea-d-that-lighted-window-1 Illustration of the Poem [ Photographer ] NancyAndrea.D

The Lighted Window

He said:
“In the winter dusk
When the pavements were gleaming with rain,
I walked thru a dingy street
Hurried, harassed,
Thinking of all my problems that never are solved.
Suddenly out of the mist, a flaring gas-jet
Shone from a huddled shop.
I saw thru the bleary window
A mass of playthings:
False-faces hung on strings,
Valentines, paper and tinsel,
Tops of scarlet and green,
Candy, marbles, jacks—
A confusion of color
Pathetically gaudy and cheap.
All of my boyhood
Rushed back.
Once more these things were treasures
Wildly desired.
With covetous eyes I looked again at the marbles,
The precious agates, the pee-wees, the chinies—
Then I passed on.

In the winter dusk,
The pavements were gleaming with rain;
There in the lighted window
I left my boyhood.”

sara-teasdale-1Sara Teasdale

sara-teasdale-by-xabigal_eyesx☆ Sara Teasdale [ Artist ] xabigal_eyesx


Thank you Nancy Andrea  for sharing your beautiful work 🙂
Merci pour le partage de ton superbe travail… 🙂

Frise Vigne séparation

[ Music] Deep SongBillie Holiday

Frise feuille vigne 30 -1

Et un sourire   –   And a Smile

~ Paul Eluard

La nuit n’est jamais complète
Il y a toujours puisque je le dis
Puisque je l’affirme
Au bout du chagrin une fenêtre ouverte
Une fenêtre éclairée
Il y a toujours un rêve qui veille
Désir à combler faim à satisfaire
Un cœur généreux
Une main tendue une main ouverte
Des yeux attentifs
Une vie la vie à se partager.

 A single smile disputes
Each star with the gathering night
A single smile for us both
And the blue of your joyful eyes
Against the mass of night
Finding its flame in my eyes
I have seen by needing to know
The deep night create the day
With no change in our appearance.


Frise feuille vigne 30



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