The Path

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the-path Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Jamie Heiden

Frise F Bleue 30

The Path

I am the way that reveals itself
human essence to the unconditioned.
At my soul’s chant, iridescent like an opal
I walk, assuredly serene with a light step,
in the pale shadow of the foliage of a pipal.
To the passage my hand in the air swirled
raising the fresh scent of white chrysanthemum

At the heart of the night’s darkness of myself
where reside, hidden, the doubt and ignorance  
as I advance, my opacity
blends finally in to the pure simplicity
of the welfare that provides the convivence.
Step by step I am conscious of that wandering
who feeds the fears of the supreme humanity

I am the center of my way, my poem
Eternity’s perception of a horizon
which leads to the garden planted with fruit trees.
How can I forget past thunderstorms
discharging ceaseless the water at the root of rosehips
so they survive till the day of a cure
lightweight roses of a bohemian life.

Could it be that sometimes in the course of life
our perceptions and sensations
unite with the understanding and reason?

Could it be that from « here below » to « up there »
only experience sweetens the passage
of the eternal poem to the path of our souls?

2016 ~ © M2L – Manache PoetryBulle  - Thanks - Comment

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Frise F Bleue 30


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Frise F Bleue 30




17 réflexions sur “The Path

  1. your poetry is so beautiful, honestly so lovely and i really admire your style of writing! You can really feel the emotion through your words, it’s amazing
    You are a refreshing breath of beautiful inspiration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ❤

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