Next Awakening

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Next Awakening [ Artist ] Stefan Krauss


Next Awakening


At night, in my slumber
when the mind becomes absent
when the paths are no longer righteousness
but deafening
with the inhuman cries and gestures
near the obscure animal’s hideout
don’t let go of my hand.

In this uncertain voyage that modifies
the visible of the happiness of our lives
In profound affliction spat out
In to the air to finally crash down
at the edge of the resigned silence
without even glimpse of hope for redemption
don’t let go of my hand.

In this interval where awareness is nothing more
than a dreamed image in a soiled landscape
when my body from her bed is torn away
when the trees no longer tattoo
the amazed Amours of lovers
on the emerald earth’s surface, by rain, soaked
don’t let go of my hand.

Take me into the blurred shadow of your light
or through the softer passages of the heart
who accepts that nothing and no one
goes beyond what is made of us.
At night, in my slumber
when the mind becomes absent
don’t let go of my hand
until that day which is beyond
our next awakening.

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12 réflexions sur “Next Awakening

  1. Mon âme vole….It is said that the soul leaves the body when we sleep, reaching different spiritual realms and landscapes, to return when we wake.
    Encapsule cela pour moi. Magnifique post!

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