I know, but I’m doing my part

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The legend of the Hummingbird…
or the (R)evolution of Hummingbirds

Ecology doesn’t yet appear fully as an urgent and absolute priority.

Unfortunately political ecology is based on factual and not on a more intimate register, a register in the order of which is our own personal outlook on Life …

The ecology concerns the survival of humanity and should not be reduced to a political and limited thinking, built on the ephemeral. There is a biosphere, which is built in a way for thousands of years giving Life … yours, mine.

We should teach our children ecology, teaching them that they are alive by dint of Life, as it is organized, and that they are an expression of that Life.
Alas! The profit has taken hold of our planet that became a source of raw that must be exhausted until the last tree … but what about of human destiny and that of the planet that hosts?

… Nothing says we cannot change anything! … In our daily lives, how we consume, the gestures we make to our planet, the way we look at our Earth…

We must become responsible gardeners for our children!

colibriThe Hummingbirds Movement takes its name from a Native American legend, recounted by Pierre Rabhi :

One day, says the legend, there was a huge forest fire. All terrified animals, aghast, watched helplessly disaster. Only the small hummingbird was busy, fetching a few drops with its beak to throw on the fire.
After a while, the armadillo, annoyed by this ridiculous agitation, said:
« Colibri! You’re not mad? It is not with these drops of water are you going to put out the fire! »

And the hummingbird replied
« I know, but I’m doing my part. »



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☆ [ Music ] La (R)Evolution des Colibris – Zaz

(Paroles / Lyrics)

Nothing says we cannot change anything
Because we are small
Nothing says to let it slip
Two-thirds of his life
Nothing says you cannot resist
A history that is written
Nothing says that we should not dream
And go underground

We are the heart, the lungs and the trunk
We are the ardor, strengths and the passion
We are the risk, the fear and the reason
We are the only chance we have
Here we are, we are alive
The (R)Evolution of hummingbirds

Nothing says that a few of our kisses
Do not light up the night
Nothing says you cannot wake up
Our hopes asleep
Nothing says one of our thoughts
Cannot change our lives
Nothing says that the forest wind
Is not the paradise

We are the heart, the lungs and the trunk  (x2)

Nothing says that the wounded trees
Will not heal
Nothing says that the ranked orders
Will always be so
Nothing says that the hazard lights
Will not be destroyed
Everything tells us that times are going to change
With hummingbirds

We are the heart, the lungs and the trunk

Here we are, we are alive
Here we are, we are alive
And here we are united
The (R)Evolution of hummingbirds


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