Baptised by you


mark-ryan-2There’s so much to discover in Mark Ryan‘s garden …

Christian Bobin wrote « To read a novel, it takes two or three hours. To read a poem, it takes a whole life » … Yes, a whole life!

Unspeakable power of poetry, inexplicably touches my heart as would a musical work in the most intimate recesses of my soul … I share here his last poem for those who have not already read it …




Baptised by you

That endless world they talk of, it opened in my heart.
When you looked at me, with that light in your eyes.
And in that moment, like that pebble in your hand.
You grasped at the infinite, and you consumed my soul.
And we would remain forever bound.
Like that pebble in the ferocious stream.
Washed endlessly by the cosmic current till clean.


© Mark Ryan


I invite you to visit his blog:
Havoc and Consequence

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