At The Beginning

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At The Beginning


At the beginning
There is something beautiful;
And so much innocence
In a sky that grows overcast.

All is an illusion. Only
In an Amour too strong;
We reach out our hands towards the starry vault.
To the blossom of heart and body,
Lost in the hollow of the horizon,
We give ourselves to the imperfect
To foolish hopes;
And for evils finally unveiled
We merge in our absences.
From then on, one forgets
That dark reality that smiles at us.

Yes, the sky moves in silence
At the end of each day, it is so black;
And poetry is gone away.

But I so loved the stars
During the lightning
That this was enough for me
To admire you.

Tonight, I raise my eyes
And look for you still.


2016 © ManachePoetry

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