What do you see, Mirror?

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miroir-mirror [ Artist ] Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio


What do you see, Mirror?
« I am YourSelf »


That is what the mirror mercilessly responds to the one who asks.

The day will come when the image will blur in proportion as the water will darken and will tarnish the mirror. At what point reflection it will become an image painful to watch? At what point it will become an image to love?

« But I’m not what I was seeing in the mirror. All accuse me. »

and the mirror to respond:

« I am Yourself in a special time the future or the past »

The day will come when our eyes accept what they catch and will restore to appearances the mystery of this picture become clear and limpid with time. Richer and more asserted because « It need a much troubled soul for to be mistaken really on the mirages of the river »

The day will come when we will recognize the reflection of the beauty that we have become and that the water of the mirror had not refleted of the years at earlier.

So, that day, we will be happy and we will smile.


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« Falsehood has an infinity of combinations,
but thruth has only one mode of being »
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


« I am incapable of conceiving infinity,
and yet I do not accept finity »
Simone de Beauvoir

« May you live every day of your life »
Jonathan Swift




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Spiegel Im Spiegel




5 réflexions sur “What do you see, Mirror?

  1. Awesome and congrats for this impressive translation!
    The beauty of the poet is in his poesy
    The mirror reflects only his body
    The poesy reflects the soul of the poet
    The image gets tainted and impure with the passage of time
    The eternal soul is untainted and pure, my dear friend and poet
    Keep writing

    Aimé par 2 people

  2. Your words reminded me of Oscar Wilde´s « The Portrait of Dorian Gray »…
    BUT with good consequences. A total different twist if compared to the most common (negative) version involving mirrors… Nicely penned. Sending best wishes 😀

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. One day the waters clear and what we see, if we have eyes to see……, is the beauty from within reflecting back in those knowing eyes. Thank you for this post, it is lovely and the reflection upon its words is revealing and close to the heart.

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