My Eyes

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My Eyes Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Emil Nolde


My Eyes

Whisper something to me.
Wake me up slowly
From the heart of a deep sleep.
Call me

The bed is a strange place
Painting the vermeil ocean
To the blue lips of the rivers
For the song
That I hear.

I’m far away in an elsewhere
Where the soul in apotheosis
Radiate among the angels
Such the thrill
Of a poem.

From dark fold to light
The sun plays on the sheets
And find my throbbing.
I’m away
And I’m waiting.

You lie down on my body
For eternal seconds
And then you say to me
« My love is me
I love you »

So far from this world
My eyes opened for you.


2017 © M2L – Manache PoetryBulle  - Thank you reading



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