Roses Nights

[ Version française : ICI ]

There are roses nights
when the whole space of hopefulness
unfolds … always


For Who

[ Version française : Cliquez ICI ]

For who
are painful words

And Even If

[ Version française : ICI ]

And even if at deep of heart
You experience pain
Incessantly you go
Without failure
On all the trails
Of your desires

She Dances…

[ Version française : ICI ]

She dances…
She dances with the mist
and runs breathlessly
to fly without hatred

The Selvage

[ Version Française : ICI ]

As one penetrates the other slope of a mirror
One day I walked into the blue of your eyes
To see the aurora unborn on the selvage of the Heavens

And that was wonderful


[ Version française : Cliquez ICI ]

The soul of things indulges in the simple nudity.
So lightweight