And Even If

[ Version française :  ICI  ] And Even If And even if at deep of heart You experience pain Incessantly you go Without failure On all the trails Of your desires 2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry

She dances…

[ Version française :  ICI  ] She dances… Yes. She dances… She dances with the mist and runs breathlessly to fly without hatred. Yes. She sings… She sings with the mist and then falls asleep easily far from human nonsense.   2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry

The Selvage

[  Version Française :  ICI  ] ☆ Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Takahiko Hayashi The Selvage As one penetrates the other slope of a mirror One day I walked into the blue of your eyes To see the aurora unborn on the selvage of the Heavens And that was wonderful.   2016 ~ ©…


Ephemeral The soul of things indulges in the simple nudity. So lightweight. Nothing else to say that poetry of the moment and hear the wind caressing our feelings. Nothing else to see that the soul in the beauty shine. Ephemeral. 2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry