The Poetry of Whispers

[ Version française : ICI ]

I found a crack
In my heart
Just there where blood flows


My Eyes

[ Version française : ICI ]

Whisper something to me.
Wake me up slowly
From the heart of a deep sleep.
Call me

Next Awakening

[ Version française : ICI ]

At night, in my slumber
when the mind becomes absent
when the paths are no longer righteousness
but deafening
with the inhuman cries and gestures
near the obscure animal’s hideout
don’t let go of my hand


Hanging time
when, by whispering, you talk to me
about little things you cherish
it’s so soothing…
All these scrumptious things in your mind
featuring a myriad of many-hued fish
so charmingly

Memory’s Embers

In the wee hours of the morning
my little highlights are the ones
that made me feel the gaze of life.
Behind the dark forest aching
there is a bright world that rises