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A little ride and then go away …
… take a ride on the merry-go-round and then come back
Good day to us … who are just one

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The Forest Sound

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The Poetry of Whispers

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My Eyes

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At The Beginning

At the beginning
There is something beautiful;
And so much innocence
In a sky that grows overcast

Next Awakening

At night, in my slumber
when the mind becomes absent
when the paths are no longer righteousness
but deafening
with the inhuman cries and gestures
near the obscure animal’s hideout
don’t let go of my hand

The Sweet Kisses of Arsenic

Suffocates the soul
to the sweet kisses of arsenic.

In the eternal night
embrace our paths with tormented destinies
when the perfume of the air
intertwines with love


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Memory’s Embers

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The Path

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On the Edge of Life

Why do you not ask number of hours I waited
on the edge of the way as this body detonated?
My name? My name is …
In the dark I’m awaiting some unexpected things.
My name is nothing and for you so many things
My name? My name is …
deeper than mind …it’s a soul’s chant


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Unspeakable Espoir

We secretly walk
away from thinking our expectations
shall not fall into the abyss of tears
We secretly hope

Quietness of these Places

What a strange thing hiding in the dawn of this day
sky’s whiteness put his veil on flanks of the mountain
only the dark shadows of the trees pierce the mist.
What a strange thrill deeply troubles me in this day
through windows my eyes follow the waves of satin
that a cold wind draws on landscape lightly dismissed


And you saved me…
Your fresh sweat admixed with my sweat
I felt in my flesh, in my soul, your valiant sting

One Day

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Days like That!

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Languor from Midnight

Here is the revival of the lovers
The sun of spring is extinguished at last
Pink night

Your Hand

As a headscarf of haze
Fluttering in the wind
The bright night lies down
On the horizon softly

Sand Roses

Do you hear floods of tears in the desert?
Sand roses that flourished in the night,
My dream in the morning dew ran away.
You let me so,
Without life

Silence, my heart!

There is in the time that passes
Shadows which still move,
Held by the softness of the wind


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Why Did You Leave Me?

Outside you see me mighty tree.
Shadow dreamed for the Amours in the grass elongated.

On my tree trunk, they engraved the promise for two
believing themselves, for the upcoming rains, protected
by the gentle caresses exchanged at the bottom of eyes

I Saw the Winter

What did you see, tell me?
A cry evaporated in the clouds!
A tree losing its foliage green!
What did you do, tell me?

There Was

There was your long hair on the forehead of the sky.
The desire to love came into my heart so strong
as would have done the vast ocean reaching its shores

Where am I?

Where am I?
What is this world in which I speak?
Mountain and river confine the aching sadness.
Must be washed, grain by grain, the sand from the river.
Must be snow-covered the crowns wreathed of the mountains


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Comes to Us the Setting Sun

Tell me once again, where all past years are.
I’m not able to keep a shooting star.

Teach me one more time to blow like the wind
for to fly with the leaves in the whirlwind
above the lake, radiant glint of grin
that many harsches winters rendered blur

Tell me

How am I supposed to love you?
How am I supposed to change you?
And achieve your love
for reach your wishes
How to do to ignite a fire
in a blue sky to calm your anger?


“Your silence is speaking volumes
to me”
It’s words that resonate so hard
for me

Last Drips

From my body you pulled the soul;
you caused me many acute pains.
Deadly! But you have still my soul.
Thou art the cure causing my ruin,
burns my flesh and darkens the veins

Implacable Sweetness

Here is the morning my implacable sweetness
My precious love
Of your heart comes pure beauty of the lovers
Silt of living waters


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Eternal Love

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Bright Horizon

To no one tomorrow is promised.
Will shine the white ring of the night
on the blue valleys of the ocean.

Only our shadows will disappear
behind the veil of nothingness
where our secrets will illuminate

Obscure Garden

The old man sees the reflections of the basin
from which springs up curtly a swarm of evening stars,
for illusion of the wish of eternity.
His hand breeze the water of mirror-assassin
but the glow seized is merely the dream mendacious
of gardener improving immortality

Flesh of Moon

The pallid brightness of thy flesh of moon tears up
the darkened overcoat of the eternal night.
There could be no have a moment more conducive
to tears for to disturb the dream and invade it


I do perceive almost nothing
that the warm wind through my fingers.
And now I hear almost nothing
That the cry of birds which undulate.


closed garden

On the earth inclined
a friend follows
the air movement


There is a place azure, above the earth.

A garden of green asylum
where pass away the pains.
A place where only the breath remains alive.


O Heavenly Mountain, aspen at the migration cry.
The wingspan of pain smashes on your wall
opening a passage in your invisible border
bulle - a bientôt - see you soon

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